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Edward Green Hove, Black Calf

While it’s not exactly a secret that we love wingtips, we also love our monk straps. Edward Green beautifully combines the two and the result is the Hove, a stylish monk shoe that is elegant and sophisticated.


Hove 82 Last, Black Calfskin, Silver Buckle, Single Leather Soles


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EG Hove blk

Edward Green Beaulieu

Edward Green’s Beaulieu is perhaps one of the most austere wingtip shoe you will find. Like all wingtips, it has the classic wing shaped pattern cut at the toe and the heel counter, but unlike most wingtips, it has no broguing.

Instead, the Beaulieu is complimented with distinctive double needle stitching at the seems. Thus it is a supremely elegant wingtip, perfect to wear with suits and slacks.

82 Last, Dark Oak Antique Calfskin, Single Leather Soles


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Gaziano & Girling, Burnham & Rothschild

The Burnham, Chelsea boot is now in stock just in time for autumn. This is a classic riding style boot but G&G takes them to a new level. Unlike most Chelsea’s the Burnham is a wholecut boot made from a single piece of calfskin. It’s a formidable task to block the uppers on the last, and there is very little margin for error.

The result is a super sleek, elegant shape and a fit that wraps your feet like a sock. Made on G&G’s signature chiseled last these boot pack an awful lot of style.

Burnham TG73, Vintage Oak, Single Oak Bark Soles

The tasteful lines of the Rothschild are a thing of beauty. This sophisticated wingtip on the smart round DG70 last is in Vintage Cedar. The Rothschild is stunningly handsome a classic full brogue wingtip yet there is a wonderful balance about them. They pair beautifully with blue, grey or brown suits. And of course they feature the tapered waist and fiddleback oak bark soles a hallmark of the G&G collection.


Rothschild DG70 Last, Vintage Cedar, Single Oak Bark Soles

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