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Unlined suede for summer

Unlined suede makes for the perfect summer shoe. It’s soft, flexible, and comfortable, which means it’s easy to wear without socks. Alden is well known for its unlined suede shoes. We’re stocking their chukka boot and Dover in snuff suede. Made on oil-soaked flex soles, they are light and flexible, perfect for wherever you may choose to go this summer. Shop

Kreis Bleecker Belt

We stock our popular shell cordovan Bleecker Belt in black, color 8, bourbon, and mocca. Kreis makes these belts of genuine Horween shell corodvan, so they’re the perfect match to your longwings or plain to bluchers. They’ve crafted leather goods in Germany since 1963. There aren’t many shell belts around these days, and Kreis makes them as good as they get. Features: Shell Cordovan, 35mm Wide, Brushed Nickel Buckle Shop


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