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Room Slippers — Hiro Yanagimachi is in town for a trunk show, but if you can't make it to New York or Chicago, these custom order Room Slippers are just the ticket

Room Slippers

Upcoming events

Hiro Yanagimachi — March 25 and 26 in Chicago
Hiro Yanagimachi shoes
Learn more about Hiro Yanagimachi
Thomas Riemer — March 30 in New York
Thomas Riemer trunk show in New York, December 5 and 6
Learn more about Thomas Riemer
Drake’s — April 3 to 6 in Chicago
Drake's trunk show in Chicago, October 17 to 20
Learn more about Drake’s
Corthay — April 10 and 11 in New York
Learn more about Corthay
Alden — April 11 in Chicago
Alden trunk show in Chicago, November 15
Learn more about Alden
Saint Crispin’s — April 24 and 25 in New York
Saint Crispin's trunk show in New York, December 5 and 6
Learn more about Saint Crispin’s
Saint Crispin’s — April 26 and 27 in Toronto
Learn more about Saint Crispin’s
Saint Crispin’s — April 29 and 30 in Chicago
Saint Crispin's trunk show in Chicago, December 3 and 4
Learn more about Saint Crispin’s
Norman Vilalta Decon Chelsea — A reinterpretation of the classic Chelsea boot, made with the open lacing quarters of a chukka boot, with a hand-applied patina.

Norman Vilalta Decon Chelsea

Saint Crispin’s 688 Derby — A classic derby made in a limited run of vintage leather. Available online and in our New York shop.

Saint Crispin’s 688 Derby

Drake’s Crosby Chukka — Pre-order the Crosby chukka in a new color. Shipping mid to late April.

Drake’s Crosby Chukka

Vintage Timepieces — Shop our selection of fine vintage timepieces, featuring a selection of Rolex and Omega from CMT Watches
Vintage Rolex watches.

Vintage Timepieces

Corthay Archive Collection — Presenting our Corthay Archive Collection — a selection of nearly thirty of our favorite Corthay models from the past ten years
Several shoes made by Corthay.

Corthay Archive Collection

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