Recent Journal Entries

Saint Crispin’s 403CP

We’ve done the 403CP in shrunken calf, which is a special leather that’s exclusive to Saint Crispin’s. The distinct texture is created by steaming the hides, which causes them to shrink as they dry. It creates the rugged yet refined look that makes these boots unique. Sailor Last, SHR 078, Vibram Soles

Saint Crispin's 403CP

Saint Crispin’s 535 Oxford

Once again Saint Crispin’s takes a classic style and makes it their own. The sweeping lines of the 535 Oxford give it an elegance to match the Russian Reindeer calf from which it’s made. This is a classic shoe, but it’s far from boring. Classic Last, RUS 075, Wood Pegged Soles


Kreis x Leffot Bleecker Belt now available in black shell cordovan

Our popular Kreis x Leffot Bleecker Belt is now available in black shell cordovan. It’s made of three pieces of shell for the perfect match to your longwings or plain toe bluchers. We’ve also received a restock of the belt in color 8. There aren’t many shell belts around these days, and Kreis makes them as good as they get. Bleecker Belt, Black or Color 8 Shell Cordovan, 35mm Wide, Brushed Nickel Buckle



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