Wax Polish


Saphir makes the best shoe polish in the world, hands down. Still using formu­la­tions that won the award of Gold Medal, Paris 1925, Saphir polish is the abso­lute best way to shine and preserve high qual­ity leather shoes.

Composed of turpen­tine, veget­able waxes, and animal and mineral fossils, its formula is unchanged and has not suffered the addi­tion of silic­one and resins.

The choice of wax for calf­skin is ulti­mately one of personal pref­er­ence, but wax polish is essen­tial for the preser­va­tion and luster of shell cordovan leather.

Pair with Saphir Renov­atuer for regu­lar, sustain­able shoe care.


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