Handmade gloves from Vienna

Thomas Riemer is based in Austria, where he operates the oldest glove shop in Vienna, which was founded in 1845. He entered the glove business in his early 20s to work alongside his father, Erwin Riemer, co-owner of the Austrian glove company RIKA. Erwin founded RIKA in the '60s with a partner. They produced fashion and sports gloves in workshops in Austria and Hungary.

RIKA ceased business in 2001, when Erwin passed away. Thomas, who had been their European sales director, stepped away from the glove industry until six years later, when the owners of Vienna's oldest glove shop asked if he wanted to take over their business. By this time Austrian glove makers were nearly extinct, and Thomas was eager to continue the tradition.

Eight gloves by Thomas Riemer.


Thomas Riemer gloves are handmade in Hungary by highly skilled craftspeople with years of experience. He offers both hand- and machined-stitched gloves. His hand-sewn gloves are crafted by seamstresses who previously worked with his father, and the machine stitched gloves are produced on vintage sewing machines. Thomas uses only the finest skins, hand-selecting each with meticulous care for the finest quality and construction.


Thomas Riemer bags are crafted from a thicker version of the same leathers used for their gloves. They’re made in a family-owned workshop in northern Italy. The bags are soft, supple, and lightweight, yet sturdy enough to last years and age beautifully.